15 de mayo de 2011

I Trusted

I trusted
you with everything.
Coz I know
you’re my partner…and my friend
But I never
thought that you would do this to me.
caused us to clash…and led to a fight…
You let me
cry and feel that I’m not part of your life.

Nothing to
be scared of as I always say
I am lovely
and beautiful…
So I have
to be brave,
enough to move on and face what’s life ahead.
I’ll try to
stay strong
without you my life won’t be wrong.

You are not
that man I thought you were;
You are not
a man of your word...
I hope
you’re happy for what you did to me,
For sure
you’ll regret it eternally…
Coz right
now you’re blind, just wait and you will see..

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